Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Tips and Tricks

There comes day where you can choose your side and decide for who you want to fight. It is your decision on what side you will stay. There are only two sides dark and force side. I am sure a lot of you can’t wait for new movie of Star Wars. There is new game which can help you to remind all heroes in great game Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes. There is a lot of heroes from all series of Star Wars. We can play heroes form series when Anakin was young and after he became evil and we can follow his son steps on the way to the power. Everyone one that Luke was stronger than his father, He also defeat on the end the dark side. Everyone were think that this is the end of story of Jedi knight and Sith, but finally we can watch new movie about what happened after death of Lord Vader and Imperator. I am sure this movie will be awesome and I can’t wait to go to the cinema. Now I can spend the times which left to premier on play in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes which I like very much. I can also use Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Cheats. As I say before in game on the beginning we have to choose our side, but during the game we will be play on both side with deferent teams. This is RPG game where, we have to collect six members to our team. OF course if we choose light side of power we can put only a good heroes to our team. The same is on the dark side were we have to build our team from evil heroes. You have to figure unique tactic for each battle. I am sure you will love this game and this game gives you a lot of fun and pleasure. In game we have to train and upgrade our hero. Use special items to add level of your heroes. You have to know that thanks to collects items you will be able to upgrade class of your heroes of course if you will collect all items which are require. How to do that? It is simple you have to do mission. Sometimes you have to do many times to get one items or collect a few the same from which you build one which you need, but it is worth it. Which each class upgrade you will get more life, more armor and you will do more damage. You can also unlock new powerful skills which you can use only one time per few rounds. These unique skills are different for each hero. Some of them can heal your team, other can make damage too all of your enemies. There are also skills which are make a huge damage, but you can attack only one target. There is also a lot others skills, but you will discover it by yourself. Of course micro transactions can discourage to play anyone who don’t want spend money on game. Don’t worry I found something that help you avoid micro transactions – Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Cheats. star-wars-galaxy-of-heroes-cheatsStar Wars Galaxy of Heroes Cheat is special program which allow you to generate unlimited resources in which are available in game. Even these for which you have to pay real money. In these game you have to pay for Crystals, but with Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Cheats you can generate as many as you want Crystals. You will play without any limits. You can buy whatever you want in game, there are no limits of use Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Hack. Even if you spend all your resources you can open again Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes and generate all resources again. So all what you have to do is download this program and connect with your computer. It is very simple! You can forget about micro transactions and have fun without pay and without any daily limits of play. Thanks to Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Cheat you can get Crystals, Credits and Energy, so all resources which are in game. Now you know all tricks and informations about the game. Have fun may force be with you!