Star Wars Commander Cheat

We came up with this new tool for Android and iOS devices that allows you to generate unlimited amounts of Credits, Alloy and Crystals It if safe to use and you do not have to worry that it will get you banned. It is also very easy to use so noone should have any problems with it. Also it has additional anti-ban protection that you can use – it will connect through other proxy adress so there is really no risk of getting banned. Now let me tell you more about Star Wars Commander Cheat and the game itself.


About Game:

I am sure this time we don’t have to talk to much about story of Star Wars. All what we want to present you one of the best game which is available on your smartphones and tablets with Android and iOS system. Star Wars Commander is strategy game, where your main task is to build base and fight against your enemy. On the beginning you have to decide for which side you want to fight. You can fight for the Rebels or for the Empire. In this game you have a big access to different units which you can use on many ways to defeat your enemy. You also have to take care of your base and build the best defense system. In this game you can play against other players and make alliance with players which also play on your side. If you will be have problems with resources you can use Star Wars Commander Cheat. Star Wars Commander Cheats allow you to add unlimited numbers of Credits, Alloy and Crystals. Thanks to these you can build whatever you want. You can build the best base and the strongest army in whole game. Thanks to Star Wars Commander Hack you can save a lot of money and time. Upgrade whatever you want and don’t wait for it. Check this out and see how good it is!


Star Wars Commander Cheats

Game Proof:



Star Wars Commander Hack


  • Download the game.
  • Download Star Wars Commander Cheat.
  • Connect your device to your PC.
  • Open the game on your mobile device.
  • Open Star Wars Commander on your PC.
  • Choose your Device and Connection type (you can connect via Bluetooth, WiFI or USB).
  • Write down the ammounts of Credits, Alloy and Crystals that you want to generate.
  • You can activate Proxy for additional protection.
  • Click on Start Generating and wait for it to finish.
  • After its done – close the Star Wars Commander Cheat and reload the game.
  • Have fun with it.

Few words about the game:

Let me just say that playing this game is a necessity for everyone who knows and loves the old and the new Star Wars. Why? Because it has amazing story, great gameplay and kind of brings some nostalgic and that is always cool. But this game is simply just a great game. Of course fans and people who are familiar with the Star Wars Universe might enjoy it more but even completely new people to this universe will have tons of fun. The big part of this game are resources. And if they run out you will have a bad time. But you can always choose to use Star Wars Commander Cheat. If you decide to give Star Wars Commander Hack a try you will be able to generate resources that you need to keep on going and to defeat your enemies. Star Wars Commander Cheats will help you with that. Another cool thing this game has are the characters from the universe that we grew up with and also the new one. For example you can team up with or play as Darth Vader. And how cool is that? You can also choose the light side and play as Obi-Wan so this is also great. I could go on and on about this amazing game but it really would be best if you try it for yourself. And if you like the game be sure to support the developers because all the credit goes to them. Once again, have fun wit hthis awesome game and good luck on the varous planets from the Star Wars Universe.

Star Wars Commander Cheat

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