Shop Heroes Hack

We came up with this new tool for Android and iOS devices that allows you to generate unlimited amounts of Gems and Coins. It if safe to use and you do not have to worry that it will get you banned. It is also very easy to use so noone should have any problems with it. Also it has additional anti-ban protection that you can use – it will connect through other proxy adress so there is really no risk of getting banned. Now let me tell you more about Shop Heroes Hack and the game itself.


Few words about Shop Heroes:

Shop Heroes is one of the most popular game on the market. You can download it form the App store or google play. All what you need to play in this fantastic game is smartphone or tablet with iOS or Android system. Now it is time to know game better. In this game we have to manage shop for heroes where they can buy weapons which you craft. You shop is near by the Kingdom of Aragonia, where all kind of people comes to you to buy new weapons for battle. In game you can hear new employ to create new weapons and develop your offer to get new clients and Gold. During the process of making new weapons you will learn how to create better staff which you can sell by bigger price. You can also fuse ordinary times to greater new one much more powerful. In game you can recruit powerful heroes to wage war within the Arena. Take part in raids and defeat all your enemies. You can also trade with your friends and get legendary items and resources. You can also invest with others to build the ultimate metropolis and get new staff and possibilities of develop your shop and your heroes. If you note that you have problems with resources, but you don’t want to spend a lot of real money on micro transactions, you should try Shop Heroes Hack. Shop Heroes Cheat is special generator which allow you to add unlimited numbers of Gems and Coins to your account. Thanks to these you can recover all the time all resources which you need to build new weapons and develop your shop by getting new space and worker. You can build the strongest team in whole game and build your metropolis by your own. Thanks to Shop Heroes Cheats your game will be much more dynamic and you will save a lot of money. Don’t wait and try Shop Heroes Hack to show everyone that you are the best in whole game. Enjoy today of unlimited resources in game.


Shop Heroes Cheats

Game Proof:


Shop Heroes Hack


  • Download the game.
  • Download Shop Heroes Cheat.
  • Connect your device to your PC.
  • Open the game on your mobile device.
  • Open Shop Heroes Hack on your PC.
  • Choose your Device and Connection type (you can connect via Bluetooth, WiFI or USB).
  • Write down the ammounts of Gems and Coins , that you want to generate with Shop Heroes Cheats.
  • You can activate Proxy for additional protection.
  • Click on Start Generating and wait for it to finish.
  • After its done – close the Shop Heroes Cheat and reload the game.
  • Have fun with it.

Shop Heroes Hack

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