Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Tips and Tricks

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Tips and Tricks

There comes day where you can choose your side and decide for who you want to fight. It is your decision on what side you will stay. There are only two sides dark and force side. I am sure a lot of you can’t wait for new movie of Star Wars. There is new game which can help you to remind all heroes in great game Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes. There is a lot of heroes from all series of Star Wars. We can play heroes form series when Anakin was young and after he became evil and we can follow his son steps on the way to the power. Everyone one that Luke was stronger than his father, He also defeat on the end the dark side. Everyone were think that this is the end of story of Jedi knight and Sith, but finally we can watch new movie about what happened after death of Lord Vader and Imperator. I am sure this movie will be awesome and I can’t wait to go to the cinema. Now I can spend the times which left to premier on play in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes which I like very much. I can also use Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Cheats. As I say before in game on the beginning we have to choose our side, but during the game we will be play on both side with deferent teams. This is RPG game where, we have to collect six members to our team. OF course if we choose light side of power we can put only a good heroes to our team. The same is on the dark side were we have to build our team from evil heroes. You have to figure unique tactic for each battle. I am sure you will love this game and this game gives you a lot of fun and pleasure. In game we have to train and upgrade our hero. Use special items to add level of your heroes. You have to know that thanks to collects items you will be able to upgrade class of your heroes of course if you will collect all items which are require. How to do that? It is simple you have to do mission. Sometimes you have to do many times to get one items or collect a few the same from which you build one which you need, but it is worth it. Which each class upgrade you will get more life, more armor and you will do more damage. You can also unlock new powerful skills which you can use only one time per few rounds. These unique skills are different for each hero. Some of them can heal your team, other can make damage too all of your enemies. There are also skills which are make a huge damage, but you can attack only one target. There is also a lot others skills, but you will discover it by yourself. Of course micro transactions can discourage to play anyone who don’t want spend money on game. Don’t worry I found something that help you avoid micro transactions – Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Cheats. star-wars-galaxy-of-heroes-cheatsStar Wars Galaxy of Heroes Cheat is special program which allow you to generate unlimited resources in which are available in game. Even these for which you have to pay real money. In these game you have to pay for Crystals, but with Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Cheats you can generate as many as you want Crystals. You will play without any limits. You can buy whatever you want in game, there are no limits of use Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Hack. Even if you spend all your resources you can open again Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes and generate all resources again. So all what you have to do is download this program and connect with your computer. It is very simple! You can forget about micro transactions and have fun without pay and without any daily limits of play. Thanks to Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Cheat you can get Crystals, Credits and Energy, so all resources which are in game. Now you know all tricks and informations about the game. Have fun may force be with you!

Hotel Transylvania 2 Tips and Tricks

Game information

Welcome all fans of Hotel Transylvania 2! This is first guide which help you to build the best Hotel in whole game. There are two ways to do that. One is involved with patience and paying in micro transitions. Other is with Hotel Transylvania 2 Cheat. All of these ways have something in common. I mean you are not able to avoid using gems. Unless you just will be do what you have to do and left game for day or long and wait for process that you start will be end. Unfortunate, only thanks games you can speed up all process in game like task that you recommend to do your monster or when your building will earn money and experience for you. In game you will build buildings from the movie and of course you can play with your favorite character from the movie like Dennis, Frank, Mavis, Murray, Wayne, Blobby, Griffin, Zombie Bellhop, The Skeleton Mariachi band and meet the grandparents Linda and Vlad. All of them you can unlock by buying new attractions and other buildings. With each level you will get access to new build and new hero. Each character before you unlock her need some stuff to start function. To find it you have to recommend it to heroes, that are already active. It is very simple. There is a lot mission and different task to do. With each level you will discover something new. Missions are very different and each from your monster have different task to do. Okay but now let’s come to some tips to the game. And remember that you can always use Hotel Transylvania 2 Cheats.

Tips and tricks

1. When you get new level be and you decide to put new buildings be sure that all of your monster are free and you don’t have to wait for any one. When you put new building there comes new hero and to unlock him you have to find few items. These task are very short and you can immediately start fun with new character.

2. When decide for some long task remember to do it when you finish your game. Because when you want to play a little long you can’t block your hero for all day. Of Hotel Transylvania 2 Cheatscourse some of task could be take 24 hours or more. This is time when it is good to have gems to speed up productions if you don’t want to wait a long time until you will be able use your character for new mission.

3. Gems- there are two ways to have gems. You can pay for it in micro transactions, but you spend a lot money for this and you will get gems for a few upgrades and task. Another way for this is get Hotel Transylvania 2 hack and get access to unlimited numbers of gems. It is simple you save money and have as many gems as you want.

Hotel Transylvania 2 Cheats

Hotel Transylvania 2 Cheat is a special program which allow you to generate unlimited numbers of gems, but also you can generate coins and experience. Thanks experience you will get higher level and you will unlock all buildings and characters which are available in game. I can only recommend, that you should use this options only on higher level when you will be go very slowly. Because when you do it on the beginning you will kill all fan from playing and discovery new options in game. Hotel Transylvania 2 Cheats is compatible with iOS and Android system on your mobile device and with every computer system. There are three ways to connect your mobile with your computer and cheats. You can do it via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and USB cable. Just pick the most comfortable for you. After this, the new window will be open and you write down numbers of recourses, that you want to generate. After this you have to log in to you game and have fun with new recourses. I check it many times on different accounts to be sure that will be work also on your and I can say only one things. It works! That is all what you have to know about this wonderful game and Hotel Transylvania 2 cheats. Have fun and follow my tips!

Champ Man 16 – tips and tricks

CHAMP MAN 16 – tips and tricks

Welcome on my guide about Champ Man 16. Here you will learn how to play in one of the best manager football game. For those who hear about this game for the first time. The have to know few things before we start. Champ Man 16 is a football manager game available on iOS and Android mobile device. On the beginning we have to choose our football team from available teams. Don’t worry about the league you choose it doesn’t matter on you football players. Just pick your favorite football team. And start your adventure for the best football team in whole game. Game is very develop and there is a lot stuff, that have influence on your team. Now I will tell few advice and tricks, that you can use in your game to improve your game and win more matches. And if you like to complete your team fast you should check out Champ Man 16 Cheat. If you will be follow what you read know I am sure will be one of the best player in whole game.

Match strategy

As you know in this game you have a really small influence on the football match. I mean you can’t control your players. During the match you can switch your players and change your tactic. Don’t be afraid to do that. Always after first half of match check how your players are feel. Some of them can be too tired. It is a good time to champman20132014_957704change them. For a new and fresh players. Some of you can think, that it doesn’t influence, but you are wrong. Always when I change my players for new and fresh, they shoot goals for me and thanks to this I can win match. The same is with tactic if you see that, you start lose try to change your tactic for more defensive play or right opposite to more offensive gameplay. You have to check what tactic have your opponent and find some contra tactic for this.

Upgrades skills and gameplay

There are also upgrade s which you can use before the new match, but it works only for one football match. You should hold with using it. On the beginning you should invest in upgrades, that you can use for all matches, that you will be play. Each upgrades which improves skills of your players for a one match will cost more and more. So it is not worth it of using it on the beginning. It is better to left it when other upgrades will much more expensive. As you know for each win and lost much will get Couching Funds and CM$. Of course for win you will get more. For each goals will get extra reward. I am sure you realized, that a lot upgrades you can buy only for CM$ and it cost a lot. Game is unfortunately made, that to win you have to pay in micro transactions. Of course you can play without this, but with time you just stuck on some level and you will not able to win any match. Good solution for this in Champ Man 16 Cheat.

Champ Man 16 Cheat

Champ Man 16 Cheat is a special program, which allow you to get unlimited Couching Funds and CM$. Even if we can earn Couching Funds in game and there is no problem with it, that with CM$ there is a different story. As you know CM$ you can buy in micro transactions, but it cost a lot and it would be enough only on few upgrades and you will be have to buy CM$ again. That’s way I start use Champ Man 16 hack. I can use it as many times as I want. And now few technical things about Champ Man 16 hack. Program is compatible with every computer system and iOS and Android system on mobile device. You can connect program with your device via USB Cable, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Just pick witch is the most comfortable for you. I check all of them and all works. After this write numbers of resources which you want to generate and start generating. Remember, that after use of Champ Man 16 Cheat, you have to reload to the game.

That will be all, with his tips and tricks I am sure you will be one of the best player in game. Just play with head and observe how your opponent play.

Tips and tricks for Unison League

The game

It launched recently and immediately brought huge amounts of players. No wonder, game has a great concept. It is not just another single player game with micro-transactions. You play with your friends and battle with or against them in the real time. You can make guilds and what is even cooler, fight against other guilds. Sounds cool? It is even cooler than it sounds.

Beginner spawns and Guilds

You can use 5 Beginner Spawns. Be sure that you spend your Gems on it because it will grant you loads of awesome deals. You can get not only heroes, but also weapons and other stuff. And if you run out of games you can also get Unison League Cheat. Be sure to join active guilds early on. Players that are there will help you greatly with harder missions. This will give you huge bonuses and boosts that will help you a lot in battles and, what is very important, help you finish your missions with ease.

Gear and allotting points

Your goal is to boost your statistics as much as you can. Pay attention to their costs and be sure to upgrade your gear whenever you can. If you like to become strong really fast, then you should get Unison League Cheat. It will let you generate unlimited Gems and Gold. You start the game with 20 points to add to every category. But of course later on you will get more points to add but they will not be easy to get. You should get the equipment you wanted first and after that you can start spending your points. It will allow you to save some money. Also you should remember that even though you can change classes you should not do that. For mastering each class you need Proficent points and you will not get enough of it if you late into the game decide to change your class. Also it is pretty pointless because the classes do not differ too much so you would still feel like you are playing something similar to your previous class.

Best items

Remember that you are limited to 60 items in equipment so be sure to use your worse items to upgrade stats on those that you already have. Of course you can wait with doing that but I would recommend to doing it early. There will never be the best time to start upgrading because with new levels and missions you will unlock new stuff that will be similar or better to those that you already upgraded. Do not forget that your upgrades probably allowed you to get to the point you are now so be sure to do it. Of course, you can use Unison League Cheat and get the best items instantly.

unison league tips and tricks

Replay older quests

If you do not want to use Unison League Cheat you will find yourself in need of resources quickly. But there is also a way to get them. I must say that it is pretty boring and repetitive but it does the work. If you really like the game and want to get everything on your own you will probably have to do it every now and then. I am talking about repeating the quests. Not every quest you can repeat but some of them you can and you should focus on them. They will support you with some amounts of resources. If you want to do that and you will find yourself that you are bored and thinking about quitting the game think about the stuff that you still have to do. And I am talking about probably the best thing in this game. Do not get me wrong, the story is amazing and all. But guild fights and regular player versus player fights are so awesome that I always look forward to them. I have pretty strong heroes and an awesome guild that have active players so we find about a hour every day to do some fighting because we simply love this game and its mechanics. If you did not play it yet, be sure to do so. I am pretty sure that you will love this game and spend long hours playing it.

Tips and Tricks for Vainglory Game

Tips and Tricks for Vainglory Game

Welcome all fans of Vainglory in my guild about game. I start play in this game since the beginning. Now I am one of the top player and I decide to share with you my knowledge about game. If you came her it means that you are looking for some Vainglory tips and tricks. It is a right place for you. Today I will teach you have to play with head. I also show you how you can avoid paying in micro transactions. There is a simple way to get unlimited Gold and Ice. But before that let’s start proper you to the game. If you will be follow my advice I am sure you will improve your game skill and you will be carry game where you will be play.

vainglory gameplay

1. Gameplay in battle
There a few simple rules before game will start which you have to remember

-always communicate with a team. Especially where you are in lobby and you pick your champions. If someone choose before you some positions in game don’t argument with him. Just take another heroes. You have to flexible. Sometimes they allow you to play wherever you want and sometimes you have to allow play them what they pick. Always take your team play on the first place. Then your own whims. Thanks this your game will be much more pleasure.

-Take a few game for practice to be able to play each hero. For example your main positions is ad carry. Okay, but when someone take it before you, you have to know how to play other players. That is way this game it is based on team play.

Now when the game start and everyone have heroes. Let’s see how our game should look like.

-Try to last hitting enemy units. Thanks this you will stay close to the defense tower and you will avoid a trap form enemy jungler. If you start pushing too much. And you will far away from your defense tower. The enemy jungler probably go on your back and with your line enemy will try to kill you. Remember that for each kills the enemy will get bonus gold and he will able to buy new items, thanks to this he will be have advantage on line and all what you can do will be defending yourself.

-If you play as a jungler remember to always follow your teammates. Look and the map and if you see that someone have troubles always try to help him. Sometimes it is called “babysit”. When you see that your teammate can’t win his line. You have to say close to him and help to kill enemy.

-This one mistake is terrible and a lot people make it. When you see that there somewhere is a team fight and you still farming on lane. I know there is a free gold and you need it, but you have to left it and go to your teammates to help them in team fight. It is better than allow your enemy to kill your team and give them free gold.

-when you play a hundred games. You can start to try bite your enemies, but be sure that your jungler will be ready to help when your enemy decide to dive you under your tower.

2. How to get Ice and Gold in game:

-And now for all of you who want to have free Gold and Ice. There is program Vainglory tips and tricks. Thank to Vainglory tips and tricks you can generate unlimited numbers of gold and ice. As you know for Gold and Ice you can buy heroes in game, but to buy skins you have to have a lot of ice. Ice you can buy in micro transactions, but it coast a lot and it will enough only for few skins. Depends how much you will buy. Vainglory tips and tricks allow you to save money and get Ice for all heroes and skins to them.

So know you have to only follow my rules and have fun in game. You need to practice your skill. Try new champ and find your main hero. Vainglory tips and tricks allow you only to get heroes and skins. So your battle depends only from you and.